Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Welcome to Inside B to B Marketing

What the world doesn't need now is another blog, right? Well, depends.

Today, B-to-B enterprises of all sizes are finding new reasons to invest in strategic, brand-based communications. Small and mid-market companies in particular are discovering what their larger counterparts have known for a long time: that there's a strong link between strong brands and strong business performance. Increased sales? Absolutely. But also the ability to fend off price-based competition. Enhanced recruitment and retention. Crisis mitigation. And perhaps most important to privately held companies, greater enterprise value.

As such, we're launching this blog to produce new knowledge and dialogue on B-to-B communications. Look for frequent commentaries on everything from the do's and don'ts of B-to-B branding, to what works and what doesn't in B-to-B Public Relations, to direct marketing tools and tricks, online communications trends and much more. We'll sprinkle in liberal amounts of business perspective as well—just what you'd expect from communications experts who are also business professionals.

What won't you see? A daily diary of life in our company. If something happens inside Scheibel Halaska that we think you'd care about as a B-to-B marketing professional, we'll pass it along. But we'll save baby news and bowling scores for another venue. Promise.

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