Monday, June 19, 2006

In Case You Missed the Message, Let’s Pause for a Recap

I’m posting today from Chicago , where Mike Stefaniak and I are giving a presentation at NPE 2006: The International Plastics Showcase.

“Your Brand: A Vital Yet Underutilized Asset” is a lecture we’ve presented several times, in various forms before various audiences. In this instance, we’ve adapted it for plastics executives and experts—because it’s an arena in which many plastics companies aren’t investing.

I’m not writing to promote our NPE appearance — if you’re not here already, you’ve likely missed it. Even if you aren’t in plastics, that doesn’t make our main message any less relevant to your B2B company. And what’s that message?

If you’ve been following our blog, you know we’ve chatted quite a bit about the importance of building brands.Well, once again, this theme bears repeating. But rather than take you through our whole slide show—that would spoil the fun!—I’ll just touch on a few quick points, in condensed form:

  • Branding—It isn’t just for consumer goods and services anymore.
  • B2B companies are building focused, unique brands not only to spur short-term sales, but also to grow enterprise value over the long term
  • Because of its strategic value, brand building warrants CEO leadership.
  • One of your competitors is likely building a strong brand right now.
  • You have a brand, good or bad. Shape it to your advantage or ignore it at your peril.

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