Thursday, July 27, 2006

Speak With One Voice...Unless You're Microsoft

Can't remember what I was watching on TV over the weekend, but I do remember being pounded at every commercial break by the same Microsoft spot. A new employee named Alberto starts his first day at work. He fumbles his way through a series of awkward exchanges and tasks, finally making it to his cubicle. A chat window is open on his monitor, and a co-worker says hello. The kicker is, she's in Prague. Fade out on Alberto keying in his response, and VO of the campaign theme software for the people-ready business.

So far so good.

But then I opened the August Business 2.0 and saw a spread ad for the Microsoft Dynamics software suite. The body copy reference to this sw package as "a line of people-ready business management solutions" is also the only appearance of Microsoft's new campaign theme in this ad.

If "people-ready" is indeed the nut of Microsoft's new B to B campaign, why scream it in broadcast and whisper it in print?

Or am I exposing my inner troglodyte by expecting the big guys to follow a time-tested maxim like speak with one voice?

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