Friday, October 6, 2006

Master the Fundamentals of Communication

In a world where personal time is scarce and competition for that time is intense, getting people to participate in even professional-related events and organizations can be quite a challenge.

As a member of the Association for Corporate Growth Wisconsin’s membership committee, I have been charged with the mission-critical task of retaining existing members and attracting new members. Greater participation is crucial to our organization because greater participation equals more ideas and connections.

At ACG WI, we’ve approached our search for new members the same way businesses find new customers: we’ve identified our target market and created a holistic communication plan. Our communication plan includes a brochure demonstrating the value of being a part of the ACG and post-meeting articles each month to reinforce that message on an ongoing basis.

This got me thinking about the fundamentals of communication and how, whether your concern is a professional organization, a business, a club, a church, etc., the issues are the same.

It all comes down to one issue: How clearly and consistently are you communicating with your audience? In a business or in an organization like ACG, you must regularly reinforce the reasons customers or members should continue to choose you.

If you keep in mind the fundamentals of communication when attracting new members or new customers, you will succeed.

Meanwhile, for more on ACG and how to become a member, please visit

Don’t miss ACG WI's remianing 2006-2007 line-up:

Stephen Marcus, Chairman & CEO, Marcus Corporation
Dan Broderick & Trevor D’Souza, Managing Directors, Mason Wells
Gus Ramirex, Chairman & CEO, Husco International
Jim Reinhart, Vice President, U.S. Golf Association
Lee McCollum, CFO, S.C. Johnson

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