Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Somewhat Shameless Reciprocal Promotion

Turns out Inside B to B Marketing was the subject of a recent post on Rick Short's B2B Marcom Blog.

Rick is a business-to-business marcom blogger we've been reading for a while. Director of marketing communications for Indium Corporation and a 22-year veteran of the marcom game, Rick provides consistently well-grounded commentary on the issues, challenges, do's and don'ts of business-to-business marketing.

As a practitioner, teacher and student of B to B marketing, I've found Rick's posts on the recent e coli crisis (bagged spinach, anyone?) to be particularly insightful. That kind of analysis is par for the course in Rick's blog, hence my repeat visits over the past half year or so.

If you're serious about B to B marketing, Rick Short's blog definitely merits a bookmark in your browser. (We've added a permanent link to Rick's blog in our menu on the right.)

So what's next? May I suggest a business-to-business practitioners' summit where we all decide, once and for all, whether it's "B to B" or "B2B?"

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