Saturday, January 20, 2007

Recruitment Site Done Right

I've posted before about my assessment that Accenture represents the very best in brand-based marketing communications in the B2B space.

Further proof comes by way of a recruitment site you'll find here. The site appears to be aimed at recruits in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Accenture's site is fun without being goofy. The "Tell a friend" link offers a quick and easy way to leverage the site's obvious viral potential. On the whole, the site is a great example of what so many B2B companies should do but don't: create a standalone, online recruiting environment that provides prospects with an engaging, memorable experience.

Given the ever-increasing importance of recruiting and retaining top people, others would be wise to follow Accenture's lead.

Speaking of viral--kudos to Bob Rosswaag at JWT Specialized Communications in NYC for the tip.

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