Thursday, February 22, 2007

Brand…the pending death of the word

Every other word today is “brand”. And I’m certain the meaning is always different. In fact, some influential marketing bloggers are no longer using the word. They think brand has joined the rank of words like “solutions” “value” and “quality”. Some now refer to it as a company’s reputation. Some say it’s an experience. Some say it’s a compellation of several components.

What say you?

While you’re mulling this over, consider having some fun with the attached marketing quiz. All credit goes to Copernicus Marketing. Who knows, depending how you do, you may not have to be concerned about the “B” word ever again.

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Russ Green said...

Why is branding a bad word? Here's one reason. We recently met with an organization whose marketing director said, “Branding is a bad word around here.” Why? They invested in a six-year relationship with one of the biggest branding consultants in the business. One year alone they spent $5 million. What did they get for their six years and millions of dollars? A decision on color! Yikes! Every day we read in the paper where such-and-such a company is “re-branding” itself. You read on and you see that they changed their name. Or their logo. Contrast that with the work we did recently for a group that had some serious issues with how they were perceived by their customers. They were adamant about keeping their name and logo. Fine. We reworked their positioning, and their messaging, and created a new communications campaign with a very different tone and voice. We think we re-branded them. So do they.