Friday, April 23, 2010

Facebook Seeks Internet Throne; Content Still Rules

Who will become omnipotent overlord of online?

Team Zuckerberg has stepped up its quest—and its battle with Google—by introducing Open Graph, a platform that will put the social network’s already-famous “like” buttons all over the Internet. The early consensus is that it’s the most significant online development in at least a couple of years, heralding at long last the arrival of the semantic web.

There’s already plenty of Open Graph education out there for you, whether you’re a media/marketing professional, techie or just a casual Facebook user. So we won’t rehash all that here. There’s also no shortage of commentary on the merits/monstrosity of Facebook’s latest move.

Around here we’re taking a wait-and-watch-and-see approach. But one thing’s for sure: Content is still king.

The rise of a more socially interconnected web, enabled by platforms such as Open Graph, actually means more content will be shared by more people more easily than ever. Audiences’ ability to “like” content all over the web will accelerate the success of the best blogs, videos, podcasts, etc.

Great content will beget an even greater audience. So make your message relevant, engaging and compelling, and you have an unprecedented chance to be heard, seen and “liked.” Heck, maybe you can even charge admission.

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