Friday, June 25, 2010

The Packer Premise: There’s Green and Gold in Community Partnerships

Green Bay Packers president and CEO Mike Murphy offered a glimpse inside the Titletown organization this morning at The Business Journal’s Power Breakfast in downtown Milwaukee.

A recap focused on Murphy’s discussions of the NFL labor relations issue, but I came away with a different key theme … and a good example for just about any company to follow.

In a small market—Green Bay is by far the smallest in the league—the Packers have to be pretty resourceful to keep up with their bigger-market competition, Murphy pointed out. As beloved and legendary as the franchise is, the Pack still can’t get away with hiking ticket prices every season.

Instead, the team must be far more active in and engaged with the community.

Fortunately, no team in the league is more immersed in their home town than the Green and Gold.

n It starts with the team’s unique public ownership structure.

n It continues with its year-round hosting of tours and special events.

n More recently, the franchise has stepped up social media initiatives to connect with fans both local and national.

But perhaps most vital are the many partnerships the team has established and continues to nurture with businesses and organizations throughout the region.

Thanks to all these efforts, Green Bay is easily among the NFL’s financial leaders, despite the supposed small-town disadvantage.

The lesson for your business?

No matter how small or large your company or market, there are great advantages to be gained by fostering deep partnerships with the people, associations and corporations of the communities where you do business.

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