Friday, July 8, 2011

Quick Response, Quick Death? Critics Question QR Codes’ Effectiveness

How many people, when they see a QR code, know what it is?

How many of them have a smartphone capable of doing anything with that little pixelated box?

How many of them have already downloaded the correct application for reading the code?

And when they take the time to have their phones read the code, where does it take them?

QR codes are an increasingly popular marketing tactic. But critics such as these columnists in Business Insider and AdAge are raising questions about whether all the fuss is really futility.

It’s healthy to have a sense of skepticism about the latest tech fad. And QR codes, which may prove to be transitional rather than transformative technology, fall into that category.

But we shouldn’t immediately dismiss them. QR codes, despite their shortcomings, offer a low-cost chance to engage customers and prospects in new ways. Just don’t let yourself believe that they’re some kind of magic potion.

Start with a smart strategy, incorporate a compelling offer, put it in a place where your target audience is most likely to use it … and a QR code might just bring a little something extra to your next campaign.

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