Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Got Skills? How to Become a Winner in Today’s Competitive Talent Search.

The good news? Manufacturing is on the upswing. The bad news? Skilled worker numbers are on the downswing.  Competition from global manufacturers coupled with an outdated perception of manufacturing held by most young people has created a battlefield for good talent.

In this new reality, the company with the best talent will win the game. And clearly there will be winners and losers in this high stakes game that pits small and mid-market companies against the global giants that exist in every market. “I can’t win this battle” many of these smaller companies might say, but for those willing to think differently, Trefoil Group says “yes, you can.” And we’ll tell you how.

The most important thing your company can do is create a powerful brand. Help recruits see the story of the future and why your company and the work you do matters – to them, to your customers, your communities, your industries. 

The Branding Basics -- there are many ways to create a story worth telling:
  1. Understand what characteristics define your company – Involve everyone from your CEO to your customers and vendors to really delve into what is important. Once you know, market it.
  2. Become a thought leader – through articles, speaking engagements and events.  When prospective employees Google you, give them plenty of reading material that showcases the innovation, knowledge, and involvement of your company.
  3. Update your recruiting – Word of mouth isn’t enough anymore. People spend so much time online that it’s critical to develop a digital presence. Develop a careers page, partner with technical colleges and join social media.
  4. Support government and community hiring initiatives – prospective employees want to be a part of something bigger,  see what you can do to help programs, such as Dream It, Do It, in your area.

Waiting for talent to seek you out is no longer adequate - Manpower Group recently released the results of its seventh-annual Talent Shortage Survey, revealing 49 percent of U.S. employers are experiencing difficulty filling mission-critical positions within their organizations.

It’s time to face this new reality and arm your company with all the necessary tools to succeed in today’s hiring market. Creating the right and differentiating employer brand could be the key to finding the perfect person for your company.

What has your company done to set itself apart from the competition? We would love to hear it.   

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