Friday, February 19, 2010

Email marketing lives!

Well, whaddya know: social media isn’t killing email, according to a new survey.

Actually, it seems, people who are active in social media check their email more often.

That’s not entirely surprising when you think about it. People who are active in one online realm are likely to be active in another. Plus, notifications about social media goings-on come through personal email—another reason to check your inbox regularly.

So, what’s it mean for marketers? Greater bang for the buck, basically.

Because social media and email and blogs are all interconnected, and increasingly so, the opportunities are more bountiful than ever to share your message and expand your reach. A morsel of good news coverage can become an upbeat tweet, an article in your email newsletter, and so on.

It’s yet another reason why a cohesive online strategy is essential. Figure out what you’re trying to accomplish and whom you’re trying to reach, and take advantage of every way possible on the web to do so.

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