Friday, February 5, 2010

The Ferment over Milwaukee’s Brand Identity

One word: Beer.

That was the extent of my knowledge of Milwaukee when I moved here six years ago. So yeah, I could certainly identify with all the ignorant out-of-towners cited recently as evidence of the need for a Milwaukee brand-identity task force.

Some are skeptical. There are lots of groups already working very hard to promote Milwaukee. What’s another task force gonna do? But if the new panel can get these organizations aligned and speaking with one voice, it could make a difference.

As they try to do that, here’s something to consider: Don’t underestimate the power of beer. I understand that some want to get past the traditional concept of Brew Town. But, um, beer with me here. For me, at least, beer was reason enough to give this town a chance. And when I did, I was pleased to find so many more reasons to stay.

Sure, outside of “flyover country,” people like my former self have little to no awareness of Milwaukee. But sometimes, such low expectations can work to your advantage. Because when people do find their way to this city, they’re always pleasantly surprised.

If only we could get them to visit … So the challenge for the task force isn't only to create a cohesive brand identity, but also to craft one that gives people a consistent call to action—a warm invitation, sprinkled with Midwestern humility and hospitality.

Milwaukee: Join us for a beer?


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