Friday, March 18, 2011

3 Reasons not to Abandon In-Person for Online

Don’t get us wrong: You definitely should be taking advantage of social media and other online channels to reach target customers cost effectively.

But an article in the latest issue of B2B Magazine is a good reminder of the importance of the flip side to these virtual interactions—real-life, face-to-face meetings.

Despite the considerable cost advantages of digital, every marketer needs to understand the value of balancing online and in the flesh. Whether at a tradeshow, a focus group or a lunch meeting, here are just a few reasons why in person is still in vogue:

· Clear communication. Tone and context can sometimes be lost in virtual interaction. People understand so much better when you can look 'em in the eye.

· Candid insights. Sitting down with customers (or potential customers) will yield more candid responses—especially beneficial when conducting research or building relationships.

· Undivided attention. People are far more likely to multitask in virtual encounters. Meeting them face to face demands their attention, increasing openness and recall.

There’s probably no better day than Friday to catch a potential customer in a good mood, so go ahead and set something up today.

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Megan Zeik said...

Tom we completely agree! We also believe in the value of face to face meetings. We have had success with taking the idea of the trade show booth on tour for our clients. This way they can take their products directly to their customers without the interference of competitors. Here’s a case study from HP where the program returned 10 times the investment in tangible ROI and provided several new business prospects! HP Exstream Results Tour