Friday, March 4, 2011

B2B Research Insight #2: Win by Out-Recruiting the Rest

How will you make sure your organization has the talent you need to succeed, today and in the future?

If you’re like many of the 310 B2B executives we talked to recently as part of a plastics industry research project, chances are you’re not quite sure.

Of our research participants, 71.6% said recruiting and retaining talent is very important to the future of their business. But only 40.5% think they’re doing a good job of that right now. Do a better job, and your company will gain an edge in the intensifying competition for talent.

That’s one of many opportunities and trends uncovered by our research, including:

  • Steps companies have taken to strengthen their businesses, from improving operational efficiencies to expanding products and entering new geographies.
  • How companies are communicating the improvements they’ve made to both their employees and the marketplace, and how effective their communications are.

The full report, which we’ll be presenting next week at the Plastics News Executive Forum, is packed with interesting and at times surprising data for all B2B marketers.

You’ll soon have a chance to get a copy of the research report, so stay tuned.

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