Thursday, February 10, 2011

One Thing Obama and Gov. Walker Have in Common:

Lately, both the president and Wisconsin’s head of state are engaging in open dialogue with the business community and striving to be more responsive to its needs.

n Obama in a visit this week with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and changes to his outside panel of economic advisers, bringing GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt on board.

n Walker in business outreach that started during his transition and recent moves to streamline and privatize the state’s commerce department.

These are good developments because, as we’ve pointed out before on this blog, manufacturers and other companies could use more support as our economic recovery continues. With manufacturers continuing to lead the way, public-private collaboration will be key in keeping up this momentum.

So we’re pleased to hear of open dialogue among businesses and government leaders at both the federal and state level, on both sides of the partisan divide.

After all, any change for the better must begin with open, honest communications from all sides.

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