Friday, February 4, 2011

Why Manufacturing Makes a Better Super Bowl Bet

There is, shall we say, heightened interest in the Super Bowl around here this year.

And hey, why not make it even more interesting, with a few friendly wagers? Senators are betting sandwiches. Rappers are betting haircuts.

But come on now, this is a big game! Maybe it’s time for something more super, and less superficial.

That’s why we like the unique approach of the Green Bay and Pittsburgh chambers of commerce, who are highlighting their respective regions’ manufacturing strengths as the stakes in their bet.

It’s nice to see leaders seizing this public relations opportunity—because while two great football traditions are in the spotlight, their cities’ equally storied manufacturing economies are often perceived as if progress has left them behind.

The reality is that resurgent manufacturers everywhere are doing some exciting, innovative things and leading us all into a brighter economic future. And as we’ve said before on this blog, civic and economic leaders, as well as manufacturers themselves, must do a better job of sharing this industrial success story.

Bet on it: the proud industrial traditions of Green Bay and Pittsburgh will live on—and not just as relics honored by the names of their resident football teams.

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