Monday, February 28, 2011

310 B2B Firms Told Us about Their Marketing Efforts. Want to Listen in?

Then join Scheibel Halaska at the upcoming Plastics News Executive Forum—March 6-9 in Las Vegas—where I’ll be presenting recent research that uncovered some valuable insights about B2B marketing in this new era.

For this project, we listened to a diverse array of companies across the plastics industry:

  • Size: 47.1% had fewer than 50 employees, 13.7% had 51-100, 10.1% had 101-200 and 29.1% had over 200 employees.
  • Geographic reach: 17% were regional, 37.6% national and 45.4% global.
  • Classification: 22.5 % of companies classified themselves as equipment manufacturers, 33.7% as material manufacturers and 43.8% as processors.

Not in plastics—or even in manufacturing? There’s still a lot of valuable, surprising lessons in what these companies had to say. Plus, the Forum is a great event loaded with knowledge sharing and networking opportunities.

So get all the details and register for the Forum here.

Or, if you can’t make it, look for more to come about the research on this blog, including a chance to see the full report for yourself …

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