Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Innovate Creatively to Address the Talent Paradox in Your Organization

Manufacturing is consistently seen as a key component of a strong economy and as a critical job creator. Yet according to a recent public perception survey conducted by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute, many individuals don’t consider manufacturing careers highly desirable. These insights and more were shared during a recent webinar titled, “HR Management in Manufacturing: A Vital Lever for Talent-Driven Innovation.”

The war to attract and develop talent through creative innovation is a growing trend in the manufacturing industry. That trend is driven largely by difficulty in filling talent gaps, escalated turnover costs and a demand from potential employees for engaging and meaningful work.

So, how can you successfully address this talent paradox? As noted in the webinar, here are just a few actions that are already working:
  • Establishing partnerships with community colleges, trade organizations and industry peers
  • Building and monitoring social media engagement focused on recruitment
  • Aligning onboarding and retention strategies with what’s important to vital recruits
Other actions to consider include:
  • Developing a careers website dedicated to recruitment
  • Supporting your recruitment efforts though media relations
  • Hosting an open house or other special event that allows potential employees to explore your facility, ask questions and learn more
In an increasingly competitive marketplace, winning the talent game requires smart strategies, utilizing a variety of channels. Explore more about how our agency is helping clients deal with the crucial talent issue. Or check out the case study below: 

Case Study (PDF): How a comprehensive program can support  HR recruiting efforts

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